Window Tint

Xpel Window Tint

We are extremely lucky to carry the exclusive Xpel Brand of Window Tint. Xpel is without argument the best tint out there in terms of quality and heat rejection properties, coupled with arguably the best tinters in the state to install it, there is nothing better. Offering 3 different levels of ceramic films here, our tint does way more than just add privacy! Ceramic tint makes your car more comfortable in the summer with our top ceramic film blocking an incredibly high 98% of heat transferring into the vehicle which will change your life in the sweltering hot months. Say goodbye to burning yourself with your seatbelt, shifter or steering wheel being too hot; with this lifetime warrantied film, those problems will be forever a thing of the past. Not to mention, Xpel window tint creates an incredible look that will transform the look of your car. Tint is the fastest way to improve the look of any vehicle or boat!!



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